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    Cart Plus 1.2.0

    Cart+ (Cart Plus) extends the poor design of WHMC product listing by giving you the ability to insert a product page between the Product listing and Add to Cart. Mainly focus to those who are using WHMCS for anything other than Hosting, but even for Hosting plans works fine as you can add plenty...
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    Cart Plus

    ChrisTERiS submitted a new resource: Cart Plus - Presentate your Products & Services Read more about this resource...
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    Social Blog 1.5.0

    Unlimited depth of categories You can assign permissions on your Admin roles per category. eg Support team can post in AAA category but not in BBB category SEO Friendly URLs Each Admin has the ability to create as many profiles he wants, and when he posts an article he can choose who will...
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    Social Blog

    ChrisTERiS submitted a new resource: Social Blog - A Smart Blog for your site Read more about this resource...
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    Discussion for whmcsBB
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    Legal Agreements 1.2.0

    This is a simple but very useful module if you want to put in one place all your Legal Agreements. Unlimited Agreements Supports SEO friendly URLs You can set to show a menu in NavBar You can set to show a sidebar with all your agreements ...or... You can use your current positions and get the...
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    Legal Agreements

    ChrisTERiS submitted a new resource: dfdsfsdfdsf - dsfdsfds dss Read more about this resource...
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    whmcsBB 1.6.0

    Do you think that a Forum module can offers only basic forum features?. Think again. whmcsBB, my flagship module, moves the water. Has (or should have in upcoming updates), most of the features that big names like vBulletin, xenForo, IPB have. From now on you don't need a forum bridge. whmcsBB...